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At Plymouth Educational Center, we believe that participation in sports programs helps students develop into well-rounded, well-adjusted, confident individuals by fostering a love of sports and providing an opportunity for each child to develop athletic talents. Since 1998, PEC has offered a variety of athletics programs for students, and there are options for every grade level.

Athlete Expectations

In order for students to participate in team sports and cheerleading, they must maintain a 2.5 grade point average or above and exhibit good citizenship. Our motto is, “In order to participate downstairs (the gym), you must be successful upstairs (the classroom).” We refer to all participants as student-athletes and, to that end, academic achievement is an integral component in PEC team sports. 

Each student-athlete receives a department handbook when placed on a team, and we encourage parents and students to review the handbook together. Each parent and student-athlete must sign an agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the athletics department and the sponsoring sports leagues. We also encourage each parent to volunteer at least two hours during their child’s sports season, because parent participation guarantees a successful season.

Athletics Funding

We fund sports programs at PEC primarily through Pay-to-Play fees and various fundraisers. Individual teams must schedule one fundraiser during their season.