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Plymouth Educational Center
Preparing students for college, career, & life!
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About Our School

Plymouth Educational Center opened in 1995 and today has 560 students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Its two facilities are located on Detroit’s east side and Midtown. We offer a full range of core curriculum classes, which are fully aligned with state and national teaching standards, as well as a variety of cultural and extracurricular opportunities.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that education is the foundation for each child to achieve greatness. At PEC, our goal is to prepare students to become great thinkers, learners, and productive adults. Our school is different because we cater to the personalities and diverse learning needs of our students. We believe that with individualized attention and guidance from caring, supportive teachers, all students can and will demonstrate mastery over challenging subjects. We prepare students for college, career, and life.

Communication and Learning

To remain on the cutting-edge of teaching and learning, our teachers, staff and administrators meet once a week to discuss school improvement and student achievement strategies. We base program changes and enhancements on documented need. We also provide our educators with opportunities for professional development in an effort to continually enhance their skills as educators and leaders.


We regard technology as an essential teaching and learning tool that strengthens the delivery of curriculum and instruction. To this end, all of PEC’s classrooms are equipped with SmartBoard technology, and multiple computer labs and mobile laptop labs give students ready access to computers throughout campus.