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Food Services

We recognize that nutrition impacts classroom performance, so we have designed our menus and food preparation to provide excellent nutrition and teach health wellness. We prepare our lunch menus to provide both appeal and proper nutrition to our students. The variety of our menus ensure that our students get all of the necessary nutrients associated with good health, clear thinking, and a balanced diet. We teach the importance of nutritious meals while encouraging good eating habits. We also encourage parents to help their children to eat healthy, nutritious foods both at school and at home.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program

New this year to PEC is the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). The focus of the FFVP is to bring fresh and different produce into our school for distribution to our students such as kiwi, starfruit, pomegranate, rutabaga, and jicama.

Fruits and vegetables are good low-calorie, low-fat sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The FFVP shows students that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and tasty alternatives to snacks high in fat, sugar, or salt. The produce is an addition to the daily lunch menu, and the Food Services staff encourages students to enjoy them.

Children should be able to connect to fruits like juicy, ripe peaches and tart, crunchy apples (without dips or flavor additives) or vegetables like crunchy, sweet sugar snap peas, asparagus, English cucumbers, and many others.

PEC is asking parents to encourage their children to try the fruits and vegetables that the FFVP offers. It is our goal to create a healthier school environment with the FFVP. The FFVP is a component of several important agency programs and initiatives such as:

  • PEC’s Wellness Policy
  • Being a Team Nutrition School
  • Meeting the Healthier US School Challenge